About Me

Jackie Koch

Yoga Instructor, Movement Specialist, Massage Therapist, Dancer, & Herbalist

I specialize in making yoga accessible to people with injuries or specific needs.
I’ve always had a passion for movement and anatomy, which led me to become a professional dancer. After enduring damage to my body, I became inspired to give massage, teach yoga, study herbs, and offer other methods of holistic healing.
Why Yoga With Jackie?

Healing Is More Effective With A Multidimensional Approach

I create specified yoga programs that intertwine anatomy, kinesiology, meditation, breathwork, myofascial release, and holistic health with traditional yoga.


I believe yoga is a powerful tool for many issues and that the best care comes when working together as a team. I truly enjoy guiding students and encouraging them to practice.


After 15 years of teaching yoga, I am highly experienced in working with different body types, ages, injuries, and medical issues.


My private sessions are customized to the individual student and are ideal for anyone needing special attention. Together we practice yoga that is meaningful for their life and body.


My group classes dive deep into the systems and inner workings of the body. As an advanced teacher I can confidently lead a multi-level class that is satisfying and inspiring.


This mindful and medicinal approach to yoga provides a yoga practice that is well balanced and healing, without any worry of injuries or extremes. I make yoga functional and very effective in this modern day. 

"Jackie is incredibly perceptive to her students yogi abilities and creates individual sequences. They are very enjoyable, but at the same time challenging. The ZOOM class works really well and I recommend you give it a try."

When I’m not teaching movement classes or giving massages, you can find me making magical herbal potions, walking my french bulldog, traveling, or paddle boarding.


I grew up in Martinsburg, WV and moved to Philadelphia, PA to study Contemporary Dance at University of the Arts. I danced professionally around the east coast, became a yoga instructor, and began teaching yoga in several schools and studios.


Then I moved to Panama to spend time with my family and connect with my roots. I lived in the tropics for 7 years teaching yoga and performing dance. I also produced wellness events, yoga retreats, modelled, and collaborated on numerous artistic projects.


In 2019 I moved to Lyon, France so I could explore Europe, study French, and learn herbalism and massage therapy. While in Lyon I began teaching yoga remotely and created wellness events for expats in person and online. While living in Europe I studied Massage Therapy at the London School of Massage. There I learned Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and became ITECH certified. In Périgueux, France I  had my own cabinet de massage (massage office) where I offered treatments and herbal consultations. 


In 2024 I returned to Panama City, Panama with my husband and french bulldog. I teach private yoga sessions, meditation, breathwork, and fitness classes in person and online to people all over the world. I also offer mobile massage therapy and dance classes. I continue to collaborate on artistic projects. Please feel free to contact me if you are curious about  any of my offerings. It would be a pleasure to work together.