Beyond the mat

Exercise is an important aspect of our health and I understand that people also have goals such a losing fat or gaining substantial strength. I’m here to help you along your journey in a safe or low impact way. Perhaps you want to improve your fitness, but you have injuries, special issues, or maybe you are a little out of shape. I will guide you mindfully, so there is no need of extreme or injury. I will create a balanced program that will suite your body and lifestyle. While I train you, expect me to motivate and empower you.

Looking for a workout?

$110- 90 minutes

Yoga Fitness

This class mixes the best of both worlds, part mat and part gym. Expect to do breathwork, meditation, stretching, cardio, and strengthening. I will create a thoughtful program for your level that will not only challenge you, but will also destress you. No need to worry about injury because alignment and balance is key in this class. This is a great choice if you are looking to shed some weight, gain muscle, increase mobility, and decrease stress. 


*Includes Yoga Fitness RX- A written program that you get to keep and do on your own. I will update as you progress with your program. It also includes other wellness tips to get you closer to your goals.

$80- 60 Minutes

Sculpt & Tone

This pilates and dance barre blend will greatly increase your core and pelvic floor strength. We will use a ball and light weights to lengthen and tone your entire body. This is a class that is challenging, but also low impact on the joints. It is a great option if you want strengthen your core and tone your body, without worry of injury. Also excellent for pre/post natal.


*Includes a Sculpt & Tone RX- An outline of exercises that I suggest you do on your own. It also includes other wellness tips to get you closer to your goals.

If looking for packages then refer to yoga rates or or feel free to inquire.