Massage can be a wonderful way to promote relaxation or help the body recover. Feeling tension or discomfort? Need some care and stress-relief? 

I am here to help you feel your best.

Each massage is customised to help the client with either specific areas of tension or give the body a general tune up. Please contact me to confirm the best treatment for you.

My mobile massage service is convenient so you can receive the benefits of the massage from your own space. I come prepared with my equipment, so you have a luxe set up. I have the highest quality table and supplies to use on your body. Please message me if you are interested or to find out more information.

Swedish Massage

This therapeutic technique is designed for relaxation and tension relief. It offers gentle, flowing strokes to soothe the body and ease the mind. It is a rejuvenating experience that improves circulation and relaxes the mind/body. Perfect for those that are new to massage, like a softer touch, or want a serene escape.

Deep Tissue Massage

This therapy targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Using slower, firmer strokes and deeper pressure it is designed to relieve severe tension. We start by warming the body up with lighter strokes then transition to firmer pressure. Ideal for individuals that have pain, like a more intense touch, and need extra attention to specific areas.

Relax 60 Minute


Restore 75 Minute


Rejuvinate 90 Minute


*Purchase a package of 5 or 10 massages and receive a discount. Contact me to inquire about about rates.

Massages are in home, so travel fee may apply depending on location or time of day.

Refresh Your Mind and Body


What can I expect?

Before our first you will be asked to fill out a client intake form to get to know you, your needs, and the best way to help you feel better. We will discuss the treatment, then you will change in private, and I will proceed with the bodywork. During the session you may talk, stay quiet, or fall asleep. I will check in from time to time to make sure the pressure is right for you.


Please understand that this is a professional therapeutic massage. Any inappropriate requests will result in the massage immediately being stopped and you will be banned from any future services.

What should I wear?

For the massage session, proper draping where you are fully covered with a large sheet is my highest priority. I want you to feel comfortable, cozy, and only the area being massaged will be exposed. With that said, you can wear shorts or underwear. If you are a female I might ask that you remove your bra when I am working on the back or you can remove it before the massage.

"After a massage with Jackie I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated. Not only have I felt the benefits her massages in my body because I have less pain, but she really releases stress from my mind too. She is professional and caring, so I feel comfortable around her. She provides a zen like experience in my home that is convenient. I highly recommend Jackie for anyone looking for a high quality massage experience."