Discover the optimal yoga for your body & life

EveryBODY is different. That’s why I’m passionate about tailoring a class that’s compatible with your physique, life, and schedule. With a holistic approach, we bring awareness into all parts of your life, not solely the problem or condition. We practice simple yoga stretches, mindful movements, meditation techniques, breathing exercises, and strengthening without worry of injury. We also explore healing modalities and wellness habits that are a good match for you.


Following our session I will provide a Yoga RX. This is a write up of a few poses or wellness techniques that you can do after our time together. It allows you to clearly review what we practiced, so you can carry on with the stress-relief and healing. I create a personalised yoga practice for you and teach you scientifically proven techniques to heal or help yourself.  


I make the material accessible and digestible, so you can incorporate it easily into your life. This supportive and mindful movement experience is efficient and effective. I have 17 years of experience and more importantly I truly care about your wellbeing. I will be an advocate for your health, no matter what you are going through.


60 Minutes

Session + Yoga RX= $80

60 Minute Packages:

  • 5 Classes-$390
  • 10 Classes-$775

75 Minutes

Session + Yoga RX= $95

75 Minute Packages:

  • 5 Classes-$465
  • 10 Classes-$920

90 Minutes

Session + Yoga RX= $110

75 Minute Packages:

  • 5 Classes-$540
  • 10 Classes-$1065

*Please inquire about rates for couples or group classes.